Mission & Vision
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  • Symbol Mark
symbol mark
  • The square surrounding the orbiting electron symbolizes the containment building built outside the nuclear reactor. It stands for the integrity required of nuclear facilities to assure safe operation and prevent contamination of the environment. The arch below the square symbolizes the regulator's eye as well as the curvature of the Earth, representing KINS' commitment to lead a high level of nuclear safety at the national and international levels. The simple straightforward font for 'KINS' was chosen to express the image of a strict "no-nonsense" regulatory organization.
  • Symbolic Sculpture "Beautiful Dream"
beautiful Dream
  • The sculpture called "Beautiful Dream" embodies human hands holding an atom, implying KINS's will to protect people and the environment through responsible use of nuclear power. More specifically, it depicts KINS' desire to help society prosper through the responsible use of nuclear energy by strictly enforcing nuclear safety measures to ensure the protection of mankind and preservation of our beautiful natural environment. As you face the sculpture, the left half expresses the gracefulness of the feminine curve, while the right half expresses the strength of manly power. This represents the purpose of KINS to help society harness the benefits of nuclear power in accordance with the oriental theory of synergies produced through the intermingling of Yin and Yang.