Reactor Regulation
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  • Regulatory inspections for nuclear installations include the pre-operational inspection during the construction, the periodic inspection, the quality assurance inspection, the daily inspection by resident inspectors, and the special inspection, pursuant to the Nuclear Safety Act.
  • Pre-operational Inspection
    • The pre-operational inspection for nuclear installations under construction is conducted to verify whether the nuclear installation is properly constructed in conformity with the conditions of the CP and whether the constructed nuclear installation may be operated safely throughout its lifetime. It is conducted by means of a document inspection and a field inspection.
  • Periodic Inspection
    • The periodic inspection for operational nuclear installation is conducted to verify whether the nuclear installation is properly operating in conformity with the conditions of the OL; to verify whether the installation can still withstand pressure, radiation and other operating environments; and whether the performance of the installation maintains license based conditions. It is performed by means of a document inspection and a field inspection during the period of refueling outage for PWRs and during periodic maintenance for PHWRs.
  • Quality Assurance Inspection
    • The quality assurance inspection is conducted to verify whether all activities that may affect quality at each stage of the design, construction and operation of a nuclear installation are being performed in conformity with the quality assurance program approved by the regulatory body. It is conducted periodically for operational nuclear installations.
  • Daily Inspection by Resident Inspectors
    • The main purpose of the daily inspection is to check on a daily basis the nuclear installations under construction or in operation. It includes a witness inspection on the surveillance tests, an investigation on the measures taken when the reactor reaches an abnormal state, and a verification of the adequacy of the operator's activity regarding the radiation control.
  • Special Inspection
    • The special inspection includes an examination of important safety issues, or reportable events such as reactor trips, and a plant walkdown for the prevention of any potential event.
Regulatory Inspection Process for Nuclear Facilities

[Regulatory Inspection Process for Nuclear Facilities]